On Tuesday afternoons in October, Sanibel Sea School will offer cast netting lessons for students in grades K-8. The program is designed for children who are interested in fishing to learn how to use cast nets for the first time, or to improve their existing skills.

“We are going to visit a different location each week, and we will focus on sight fishing and other specific techniques,” said Director of Education Nicole Finnicum. “Many people expect throwing a net to be difficult, but with a little bit of practice, people of all ages can learn,” she added. During the final session, special guests from The Bait Box will visit to share their expertise.

Sanibel Sea School will pick students up from the Sanibel Recreation Center at 3:30 PM, or parents can drop them off at Sanibel Sea School’s Flagship Campus. Pick up is at the Flagship Campus at 5:30 PM. Participants can register for individual classes for $20 each, or sign up for the four-week series at a discounted rate of $75. On November 4th, students will have a chance to compete in the Bait Box’s annual Esperanza Woodring Memorial Cast Net Rodeo.

Sanibel Sea School is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time. To learn more and register, click here