Sanibel Sea School will offer a series of birding classes in 2018. 

Sanibel Sea School will offer a series of birding classes in 2018. 

Beginning January 24th, Sanibel Sea School will offer two four-week workshops for adults. Open to participants ages 18 and older, topics will include birds and river ecology, and each series is designed to provide an in-depth examination of the subject matter in a relaxed setting.

“Like in a college course, students will be encouraged to engage in discussion and critical thinking with the instructor and their peers,” said the organization’s Director of Education, Nicole Finnicum. “We will all build our knowledge together, identifying particular areas of interest to explore along the way,” she added.

The first series, Birds of the Beach, will provide an overview of Sanibel’s most common (and some less common) bird species. Each week will focus on a different category of birds, including woodland birds, waders and divers, shorebirds, and gulls and terns. “It is the perfect course for anyone who would like to become a birder, or those who would like to advance their birding skills.” The only prerequisite for the program is a desire to learn more. It is possible to sign up for individual sessions, but students are encouraged to sign up for the whole series. 

For course details and to register, please visit or call (239) 472-8585. Sanibel Sea School is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.