From the tiniest sea slug to a walloping whale shark, our teachers have so many favorite sea creatures. But our obsession with marine inhabitants is not limited to the slimy and scaly. We're also extremely passionate about our warm-blooded, feathered friends  birds!

When we think about birds, we often imagine a radiant cardinal perched in an old oak tree, or perhaps the buzzy song of a warbler comes to mind. But in Southwest Florida, many birds are a vital link in the marine ecosystem. Great Egrets nest and raise their young in the mangroves, Ospreys pluck fish out of the ocean, and Snowy Plovers comb the Gulf beaches for tiny crustaceans. It’s really amazing to see how birds bridge land and sea, and it's something our educators love to explore.  

Check out some of the fabulous bird photos below, all captured by our staff: