In celebration of Thanksgiving, we share some of the things we're feeling pretty thankful for this year.

I’m thankful that we get to share our island with so many amazing creatures. It’s pretty cool to have a resident gopher tortoise in our backyard and manatees, snook, and alligators cruising through the canals. No matter how many times I see them, I’m always excited. And also for the community of awesome, ocean-loving humans that Sanibel Sea School has brought together over the years.
— Leah
I’m thankful for the people who are helping to protect the ocean’s future, and for nudibranchs.
— Johnny
I am thankful for being able to watch our students grow over the years, as well as for how they have helped me grow as an educator.
— Elizabeth
I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world because I’ve been able to watch children as young as 6 years old grow to be strong and amazing 15 year-olds who glide through the water – deeply diving along reef faces with mask and snorkel, exhibiting skill and grace and knowledge. I am lucky because one of those “kids” is in college now and when she posted a photo of herself free diving along a reef as the image to represent her, she added a single word: “home.” That’s the way I feel too. And I know what she means with every bone of my body. I am grateful to have a community that is bound together deeply by growing up with this mystery we call the ocean.
— Miss Evelyn
I’m thankful for all of the oxygen that the ocean’s phytoplankton produces. It’s over half of the oxygen on Earth!
— Spencer
I’m thankful for seeing campers and students year after year, and growing friendships with them.
— Nicole
I’m thankful for the manatees that I pass by in the marina every day. It brightens my day just to see them, whether they’re taking a shower under a boat, drinking fresh water from the pipe in the marina, or nursing. And the list goes on. I LOVE them!
— Brooke