Kids' Program: Crabs - Crazy 10-Legged Critters.

Crabs are ubiquitous members of the ocean community, making their living in as many ways as there are species.  We explore the diversity of body types and lifestyles into which these animals have evolved.  We also examine their unique biology, including their ability to grow despite their hard shell.

For kids ages 6-13

Kids' Program: Pelicans - Acrobatic Divers.

β€œThe magnificent bird, the Pelican – its beak can hold more than its belly can.”  Pelicans are emblematic members of our local marine community.  In this course, we explore the biology of the bird, observe pelicans in action and examine them as another example of a modern conservation success story.

Kids' Program: Sea Turtles - One in 3,000 Chance of Survival

Southern beaches provide excellent nesting habitats for these amazing animals.  We will learn all about this local resident, and perhaps, based on the season, even see the tracks from a nesting female, and the nest she left behind.  We will also learn about efforts to conserve these captivating creatures.

For kids ages 6-13