SUMMER CAMP 2017 AT canterbury school

In Summer 2017, we will partner with Canterbury School to offer ocean-themed, field-based summer camps based in Fort Myers. Canterbury School will be our home base, and Sanibel Sea School and Canterbury educators and counselors will transport campers to beach locations each day to experience the ocean. We’ll spend time on the bay and in the Gulf, and visit locations on the mainland and our local barrier islands. We’ll learn a little marine biology in the best way possible – hands on! We’ll have the opportunity to observe some of our favorite sea creatures in Canterbury’s marine lab, all while creating lasting friendships and memories around the ocean. 

Each week of camp has its own theme and activities, and there are things we do every day in camp. We surf each day, and our famous Surf Paddling Competition is held each Friday. In Sanibel Sea School style, every day includes surfing, friendship, macramé, and team bonding. Then there’s always artwork, journaling, beach time, seining and snorkeling. Our “Milk and Cookies Slideshow” takes place every Friday at 3:30 PM. Bring some delicious baked goodies and join us to experience your child’s week of camp. 

We keep the size of our camps small and the meaningful experiences big. Typically, the camper to teacher ratio is less than 6 to 1.

Our summer programs at Canterbury School are open to the public. 

Looking for Summer Camp at Sanibel or Summer Camp at Sundial?

Island skills camp at canterbury school

June 12-16, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The Un-Cuddly Cuttlefish Week

$350, rising grades PreK4 - 1

Cuttlefish are super smart, but they don’t want you to mess with them. One day when you’re diving somewhere great, they’ll be watching you! But you probably won’t know because while they’re watching you, thanks to some amazing camouflage, you won’t see them - they can match zebra stripes and splotches or a checkerboard! This week is a colorful lollapalooza of tie dye, camouflage, smart hiding and color games. We’re going to test your ability to see through the camo. Good luck! (Are you color blind and worried? You might do better because you see the shapes!)

June 19-23, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Moon Jelly, Moon Jelly Week

$350, rising grades 6-8

Everybody’s scared of moon jellies because they sting. But the truth is their sting is designed for much littler more fragile creatures. So for us big humans, at most, a moon jelly sting itches. They are really beautiful. Since they float in big flocks, we’re going to set up a “moon jelly” obstacle course to swim through. We’re going to do a “soul float”- we do these every once in awhile for animals that can’t really guide their course and it’s really, really cool.  We’re going to play a game to capture prey with our sticky abilities and make jellyfish art. Come join us, floating people!

June 26-30, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Nurse Shark in the Dark Week

$350, rising grades 2-5

Nurse sharks are one of the first most delightful finds when kids learn to snorkel because nurse sharks hang out under ledges and everybody wants to look under rocks and ledges! We want to practice our shark sensory skills this week. If we’re blindfolded, can we figure out what things are, like a nurse shark can, in dark places and mucky water? We’re going to play predator and prey games and we’ll practice snorkeling and diving down to get stuff underwater. Come be a gentle, curious shark in the dark with us!

July 10-14, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Vegetarian Fighting Conch Week

$350, rising grades 2-5

A lot of gastropod shells are voracious killers and meat eaters - not the Fighting Conch! It grazes through the shallow water eating plant matter. We’re going to collect these shells and watch them graze in the tank. Which means we’ll be tromping through the mucky intertidal zone where they graze, looking for snail trails. We’ll also collect as many empty conchs on the beaches as we can for art projects. The only time these animals do “fight” is when they defend themselves, so we’re going to play some territory defense games as we get to know this home state hero.

Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

Offered Weekly

$200, Ages 13-18*

*Ages 16-18 for Moon Jelly, Moon Jelly Week

The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is for kids 13 and older who would like to reach their leadership potential.

This program is designed to teach older campers the skills of leadership for their future success. CITs are a vital link between our younger campers and the counselors in our programs. Through theory and practice, we teach our CITs how to be leaders and positive role models to those around them. We assign duties and create and maintain performance expectations for these young adult leaders. We treat them with gentleness, love and respect, but show them how to carry out the responsibilities they are now capable of and how to use their abilities to become excellent role models. On any given day, it is hard to tell who is having more fun, the campers or the CITs.

July 3-7, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (no camp on 7/4)


$375, rising grades 5-9

Fishing is an exciting and rewarding pursuit that helps us connect with and develop a deep understanding of ocean ecosystems. Its roots can be traced back to ancient times when it wasn’t just a sport but a means of survival. We’re going to spend the week exploring all things fishing with Sanibel Sea School’s marine science educators. We’ll teach campers the basic skills required to start fishing on their own and the biology behind where and when to catch that prized fish. This week we’ll learn fishing 4 ways – we will use our seine nets and cast nets, along with regular rod and reel fishing, and even spend a little time with a fly rod.

June 26-30, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

Stand Up Paddleboarding

$375, rising grades 7-12

Do you ever wonder why you stand up on a boat to get a better look at something? It’s amazing how much you can observe by standing on top of the water! This week we’re going to observe and study wildlife in the bay, in the canals, and around the mangroves all atop stand-up paddleboards. Sanibel Sea School educators will teach campers the basics of paddleboarding and give them the skills needed to properly, safely paddle – we’ll cover basic strokes and techniques and maybe even have some SUP races! Join us for a week of wildlife, paddling fun, and adventure.

July 17-28, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (2 week session, M-F)

Independent Science Research - Summer Session

$750, rising grades 6-12

Canterbury School and Sanibel Sea School are offering a 2-week summer session of Independent Science Research that is based in marine biology. Canterbury science faculty along with Sanibel Sea School’s marine educators will help students design their original research based on inquiry and the scientific method. Students will design their hypotheses, complete data collection, and begin analyzing their data during the 2-week session. This course is ideal for students who are busy during the fall Semester with extracurricular activities and coursework.

Research will be in the marine biology field. A significant component of the session will be used to conduct field research to gather data, as well as to conduct data analysis. All projects will incorporate a comprehensive research plan, a display board, and a professional presentation to faculty and peers. Students of Independent Science Research compete in the Canterbury Science Night as an equivalent to a semester exam. Student research is graded on creativity, scientific rigor, and how well it is communicated. Student work is also evaluated on the degree to which the student meets all prescribed responsibilities. 


We're so excited for your kids to join us for the best summer ever! Registration for our camp programs at Canterbury School are processed through Canterbury's system. For assistance, please contact Carolyn Monteiro, Director of Summer Programs at (239) 481-4323, ext. 282.